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Saturday, December 29, 2012


For all of my dear friends who long for snow, but don't live in a climate that creates it.  This is by no means a "rub it in" posting.  It is a "taste".  Just like when I get sick of snow, I will relish your warm, sunny pictures!

(This is specifically for you, Angela!  A belated Merry Christmas.  You can sit by your real fire, in pjs, and look at my snow.  I can sit by a fake fire place, in my pjs, looking at real snow. Let have some coffee!)

It started like pellets.  It looked like someone's bean bag chair blew up.  I know this because it frequently happens in my classroom.  That is what you get with decade old bean bag chairs...

Wintery, but Warm Hugs and Blessings!


  1. Hi Heather! Woohoo! you got lots of snow and it looks lovely! At least I like looking it at from afar - not so keen to drive in it!
    I enjoy toasting my toes by the fire better!
    We have windy wet weather here and it's fairly mild.
    We lost internet connection for the past few days so sorry I missed your posts and just wanted to let you know that I'm so proud of you starting up the Marm's Primitive Pinkeeps!
    They look so prim perfect - well done you!!
    Enjoy the holidays!

    1. Hello, Dear Diana!
      How are you? Yikes! Wind, yuck, and no internet... No fun! Okay, so what is the most snow you have ever had? My senior year of college, we had snow up to my waist. I am 5ft 4in, so yikes! I looked down from my apartment window to see if I could see my car. I had a small sedan type car. The snow swallowed it. Totally covered. I only knew it was my car because I saw a teenie bit of red. I have to find that picture and post it.

      Thank you for your encouragement all along in doing my crafts and posting them! You are such a dear and supportive friend! It means a lot!!!!!!!! Your sweetness blesses me as I know it does others as well!

      I have been doing some stitching... I got the linen, but gee, I need to stay with the other for now. I tried to follow a free pattern. I got all off kilter. I will have to show it to you. I want to make another of your "Christmas Blessings". I love the style of that. I gave my first one away (I would never sell them). You probably saw where. I started another one, but miscounted somewhere. My "h" went wrong, so I turned it into a snowflake, and well... You'll have to see. So I am going to do it again. Thank you again for sharing that pattern. It is just so lovely. I want to make some more for presents. I could maybe put a string for someone to hang it on their tree. I still have to work on the other parts of your pattern. Not just the words! It is okay to make it and give it as a present? I won't do that if it is wrong...

      Well, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Please come visit our side of the pond again soon!
      Love and hugs!!!!!

  2. Hi Heather, oh I wish we had snow! I live (from an American point of view) not so far from Christine, so climates are alike. We haven't been able to go out a lot because it was so rainy (it was actually pouring for two days right after Christmas). But at least we have a real fire :-). Now I'm going to have a look at your Ebay-store. Didn't know you had one!

    Happy New Year!

    1. Awwww! Rainy? Yuck! Ummm, I think we may have sent that yuckiness your way. Sorry about that! We had a white Christmas that turned into a Nor'easter that dumped heavy rains and 50 mph wind gusts. It went from snow, to sleet, to downpour. Then it shot out over the Atlantic... Oops! I feel for you!!!!!! But I do envy the real fire! Ahhh! The tv one just isn't the same! ;)

      Thank you so much for dropping by! I really appreciate it!
      Happy New Year to you too!!!

  3. We got about 5 inches of this beautiful stuff! I love it...for awhile. Thanks for sharing!
    Be blessed,

    1. Awww! I am so glad. I like snow until it gets grey and soggyish. Like slushy. How are you doing, dear? Did you get my email the other week? My email throws things into spam in weird ways. I get emails from NASA about space stuff happening. I get them all of the time. Then all of the sudden, a few of them are in the spam can. Ugh!!!!!!!!

      Be safe in your snow!
      Hugs and love,

  4. Funny Heather!! The only thing better would be there to visit and drink coffee across from you. But, I am afraid I would pass on the coffee and just go outside and play like a child in that beautiful white stuff. Love that last photo. So peaceful and serene.Thanks for thinking of me. Now going back and look at those beautiful pictures again. Thanks for sharing

    1. Angela,
      In person is much preferred. Coffee is for warming up after..
      Your choice of order:
      Snowball fight with or without forts

      The snow is good, packing snow, so all are recommended. You have to promise to keep an eye on me if we sled. I would sled at my parents house. Not too many years ago, we had a big snow. We're talking feet and no school for a week. Well, that is perfect for blazing a trail, create ramps and such. I didn't do that. I was just going to sled "normally". I was told by MY PARENTS (I am in my late 30's) that they didn't feel comfortable about my sledding because of, well, clutziness issues (beyond my control). My husband said I could. So, down I went- went right into the brambles and hit a tree. Oh, I will never live it down. I don't want to upset my dear parents, soooo... But, sledding in a "buddy system" should be fine...

      I guess I shouldn't tell my parents about my college sledding days. Borrowing cafeteria trays and sledding down Cemetery Hill (Real name) at Messiah College. Oh my! What a ride!

      Hugs back!

  5. I love the snow pictures! We have snow... a whole total of about 3 inches! In some places the drifts are knee deep. Most everyone back home can't believe we don't have more, but thankfully we don't.

    I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!


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