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Saturday, October 5, 2013

You all were soooo right...

     Turns out I DID need more pumpkins. And turkeys. The one turkey will become the final pin keep for the giveaway that ends SUNDAY NIGHT! So, if you haven't already, put your name in the "hat" on the previous post!

     I went shopping with my mom today. I got some treasures. Nothing expensive. Except for at Cocalico Creek. There is something in that cinnamon rose hips potpourri. I'm just saying. I thought a different runner for the dining room table may work well with my long trench filled with Granny T's woolie apples. The burlap thingy. Well, it said "Waltons". Granny, back me up here. WALTONS!!! I am probably going to frame it or just nail it up somewhere (the last idea would make my hubby cringe to hear, so no tellin'...)

     Ah, pumpkins... Some from eBay, some from a prim friend's stand at Shupp's Grove, some tiny gourds from a man in Kitchen Kettle. So, you all were right! You can NEVER have too many pumpkins! That's why I love you all... Great minds think alike...

Well. Hmmm. I think that's it! Don't forget to enter the giveaway!

Love and hugs,
The Marm
PS Charlie says, "Hey!"


  1. Love all of your Turkeys!! How fun. Blessings~Sara

  2. Oh I do love Turkeys, collect them myself, Gobble Gobble, Francine.

  3. i love turkey too :)
    so sweet x


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