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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Got Pie...

Hello, Ya'll!

     It is a chilly morning here in PA.  Brrrrr... Hasn't gotten out of the 40's yet, so I am thinking... SWEATER DAY! WOOOOOHOOOOOO! 

     Okay, whew, I feel better.  You missed my "sweater happy dance", but some things should best remain unseen.

     Oh, have any of you tried the Limited Edition Thomas's English Muffin PUMPKIN ones? Oh. My.  They are AWESOME! They have real pumpkin in them, so they don't have a syrupy "pumpkin flavor" to them. You know the kind of flavor- it tastes like you are biting down on a Yankee Candle. Good to smell, not to eat (Okay, truly, I haven't done that.  I am just sayin'...).

     I have been burning my buttery maple candle I got on a trip with Granny Trace'.  It smells soooooooooooooo good.  Guess that is why I have been burning it each night.  My afterschool routine as of late has  been to come home, turn on my decorative lights, turn most of the others off, and burn my candle.  Ahhhh.  Forget a bubble bath with Calgon.  Take me away with primitives.  And a buttery maple candle.  My candle is almost spent, so I guess, dear Granny, you know what that means... ROAD TRIP!

     Next week, I am taking Friday off from school because my husband wanted to be able to just relax and spend time together for our 15th wedding anniversary.  Where does time go? But then you think, 'Only 15?'  I feel like I have known him all of my life (in a good way)!  Although, one line my husband loves to use (but doesn't mean it.  Well, I am pretty sure not...) is, "You know, it seems like only yesterday... (wait for it.)... and you know what a miserable day yesterday was." Same joke. EVERY YEAR.  And sometimes in between.  I would like to slap Rodney Dangerfield up the side of his head for saying those words.  Anyhoooo.  Enough violence.

     Next weekend, there are also two favorite little prim things happening (which I am sneaking in...)  One, there is a Christmas Open House as a place called Windle's  Log Cabin Antiques.  Their house was featured in Country Sampler. IT IS AWESOME.  They take their own historic home and fill it with all kinds of prim wares.  Lovely warm candles burning.  Hot cider.

     The other thing is our local nursery, Black Creek Nursery, turns their entire perennial area into a flea market area at the end of the growing season.  My mom and I go... There are homemade donuts, egg sandwiches, hot coffee, all kinds of munchies while you walk around and hunt for treasures.  I have gotten a lot of bargains there over the years.  You all ask me sometimes where I get some of my things.  There. For next to nothing.  I got a really old bread board, oval shaped, huge- for $5.  Lots of antiques at bargain prices.  We are going at 7 am.  Whew.  I guess it will start to get me prepped for my Cocalico Creek Black Friday early run to get the $25 gift card... Build up that early morning endurance!

     Oh, yeah!  I was supposed to tell you about pies! Well, the pie pinkeeps that didn't get chosen in the giveaway are for sale.  The pumpkin one got chosen, but I can make one similar if anyone is interested.  I think I have enough materials to do two.  I also made another of the "Muffin Top" pinkeep.  I take Paypal only.  My buying policies are on my selling pages on this blog.  If you are interested, you can comment below or email me- thecountryschoolmarm@gmail.com.  I can give you a shipping estimate and total cost.  I will leave them up for a bit in case there is any interest.  Then, they will probably go to ebay. I am also going to start working on some Christmas designs...

So, here ya go...

      My pie pinkeeps are made with vintage pie tins and a variety of vintage and new fabrics (all grunged with cinnamon and spice and everything nice).  They also come with pins holding vintage buttons.  They are all handmade by me. Thank you for looking!
"Blackberry Pie"- Kindly asking $12 plus travel fare

"Humble Pie"- Kindly asking $12 plus travel fare

"Sweetie Pie"- Kindly asking $12 plus travel fare

"Muffin Top"- Kindly asking $10 plus travel fare (Please note- this is made-to-order; it may vary a slight bit)

"Pumpkin Pie"- Kindly asking $14 plus travel fare (This is also made-to-order; the pie tin would be different as well)

Oops! forgot this one! Not a pie, but a fall necessity...

Turkey Pinkeep- Kindly asking $12 plus travel fare.


Have a wonderful Fall stay!  Thanks for stopping by!

Blessings and hugs!!!



  1. Morning, I will be getting a pumpkin pie, :) Oh I bet that candle smells wonderful, we don't have such nice prim candles here in Wpg, boo hoo.........Have a great weekend, Blessings Francine.

  2. Hey! so great to catch up with you after a busy week!
    Happy anniversary for next week. Hope you two have a great time together.
    Going to have to find my pumpkin candle. mmmmm!

  3. Hello dear.so happy to hear from you:)
    Happy anniversary for next week..
    Have lots of fun
    Big hugs x

  4. Happy Anniversary, my friend.. Enjoy...

  5. Happy Anniversary Friend
    Oh my what a fun weekend you have planned.
    I need details I want to go to the Log cabin and I need a pinkeep too.
    Woolie Blessings

  6. Happy Anniversary!!! You have been a busy gal!! Enjoy! OLM


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