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Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Long Overdue Hug and Thank You!

 Ever feel like this? This winter so far, I'm going to tell you. The cloudiness is taking its toll already. Bleck!

     I've talked about "Dewdrops of Mercy" before.  It always happens when I am at a low point.  I start to think that maybe the little things are just coincidence.  After all, why would God bother with the small stuff.  Well, He does.  Why? Because an omnipotent God can accomplish the big AND the small.  I was having a hard couple weeks at school. 

     Out of the blue, I get an email from Danice, from Homespun Hannah's Blog  saying that I had won her giveaway.  I just cried. So, you see, God is in the little things.  You also never know how God uses those who have blog giveaways to be a part of that. Never underestimate how your generosity may touch others when they need a little encouragement. God uses big and small acts of kindness because He is a wise and all-knowing God. What a relief!

So, onto Danice! Danice, thank you for having your giveaway.  Your items were precious and are well-loved. Look at what was in the package...

Look at all of these wonderful goodies! 

I love this quilted square! This is going to be out all year! It is just what my new coffee table needed!

Soooooooooo sweet! Love!

Huge hugs to you, my dear friend! For your thoughtfulness, generosity, and taking the time to visit my blog!

I am going to try to blog more.  I need to stay up with sewing and writing as a creative way to relieve stress and anxiety. My husband has been really encouraging me to do that. 

Please also, in any comments you leave, write a prayer request that I can pray over for you! I would like that to be a new part of my blog!

Happy New Year, friends!

The Marm


  1. Wonderful goodies! I agree God is in the small things. I'm a grudge holder. This year I'm trying real hard to let go, forgive and move forward. Soooo hard for me so you can send up a little prayer for me...smile... Amy

  2. Heather, This time of year really gets me - frigid temperatures, short daylight hours, being so far away from conveniences. For some reason this winter has really just about done me in and we are not even half way through it, here. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

  3. Hi Heather - how sweet! I'm so glad you won Danices give away - I too was on the receiving end of some of her beautiful gifts. She is always there for people and seems to know.
    Hang in there and have a wonderful New Year

  4. Looks like you were truly blessed! Hope you have enjoyed your break and taken time for yourself. Today, I am resting from all the holiday fun...I think I will be trying to do a few things just for enjoyment in the coming weeks.
    Prayer request, That my girls allow God to bring their husbands into their lives!

  5. Thank you all for your visit! I have added your requests to my prayer list! Thank you for taking the time to share them!

  6. Love all your treasures you have won from Danice....especially the snow girl doll! Love her!
    Happy New Year! Take Care!


  7. Hi Heather, it is Bewtty Crowe. I am on a borrowed computer as mine is being updated.I don't believe in coincidence. I think God is in the small things as well as the big. I think He uses us to brighten the lives of others and others to brighten ours. Every time I think I am going to stop blogging something happens that I think He wants me to continue. I wish you would help me pray for our police officers every where. Happy new year

  8. Ha Ha I can't even spell my own name!


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