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Thursday, May 1, 2014

So, that happened...

     I turned 40 on this past Tuesday. Now before I tell you any more, it is funny the reactions that you get when people learn of said birthday. 

     Young people (39 and under) feel sorry for you and offer condolences to you with fear that it will one day happen to them. 

     People in their fourties welcome you into a special, secret club. There is a secret handshake and passwords and all, but I don't want to tell you and lose my membership. I just got it, after all. 

     People 50 and older still call you a "youngin'". That's nice. 

     Now students, well that's where it is interesting. There are two reactions there. Students around the fifth grade age-level know how to schmooze. "I thought you were 30!" Heh. Nice work, kid. You still failed the spelling test. Kindergartens and first graders? 40 is the kiss of death. My principal announced my birthday in chapel and everyone sang happy birthday. I hated that. Then her words were, " If Mrs. Wise were to run around the chapel for every year she was born, she would be very fatigued" I am pretty sure that the kindergartener I was sitting next to thought that meant I was 100 and ready to keel over at any moment. He kept eyeballing me. I think I worried him. 

     But, my day was a blessed one spent with my "children", friends, and family. 
     My class decorated the "living room" side of our classroom with balloons and their shining faces. After the pent-up excitement of the promise of popped balloons ( NOT by me) and the rush of sugar, the parents took them outside to run laps and pop balloons (those that survived the throwing of the balloons and exclamations of, "Happy Birthday!")

     They also sang their own version of "What Does the Fox Say?" entitled "What Does the Owl Say?" In their song were the many phrases that I say, apparently a lot:  you're done, air high five, all that and a bag of chips, great minds think alike, gold star, you're my favorite, anything from The Princess Bride, counting, I didn't drink my coffee yet, Stewart is having a bad day, What day is it, you're a nut, boop yourself in the head, walk of shame, and, my personal favorite... I'm going to jump off the deck. Gee. I need new material!!!!

     My own family was so sweet in celebrating my birthday. My husband made me lasagna, and my mom brought more cake. Cake is really a weakness of mine. Both cakes were from my favorite bakery, Bakers of Buffington. Gee, I am predictable. My school family and my real family know my weakness. It blesses my heart because of their thoughtfulness in celebrating my special day. 

     My husband continued this thoughtfulness during the weekend before and after my birthday in taking me to my very favorite antique flea market, Shupp's Grove. The first visit was their Spring Extravaganza which was filled with prims! The following weekend was their garage sale weekend (the first Saturday of each month). I met so many nice people that day. I love to hear the stories behind the items they are selling. I met this sweet lady, Joan. We talked for a while. She told me about the old store her father ran. She was selling some really nice prims. Another couple I talked to gave me good tips to make sure that my tent for my garage sale didn't blow away ( it's hard to make change and hold onto a tent. I was always fearing that I would do a "Dorothy"). I go to this flea market often. A little too often. I kind of have a "Cheers" relationship with the people there. Everybody knows who I am. Is that good or bad? I am not sure, and I bet my husband has mixed feeling about it as well... 

     Here are a few of the goodies I picked up on my excursions...

     I actually got the little stove with some birthday money. It's a toy stove from the 1920's. I got it on eBay for $20 including shipping. I don't know if that was a bargain, but it was so dear. Then, it inspired me to look for vintage wood and metal toys. The little iron and rolling pin were a bargain. The feed sacks were the big score. They are the heavy, rough cloth with make-do patches. I got them for $3 each. They are in great shape!

     I  just think this little stove is adorable!

     Now these next two items I love, but I am interested in some creative ideas in using them. The sieve I got for $10. I am not sure whether to use it on the wall, suspended from the ceiling??? What do you all think?

     My mom picked up this strainer for me at a garage sale for $2. I always wanted one. I saw some ideas for using it on Pinterest (and by ideas, decor, not food. I am pretty sure that would be a disaster!) . I was just curious as to your ideas! :)

     Well, that is all for now. I have actually been plugging away at this post for most of the week. I feel bad not posting. I miss all of you. I will start plugging away at some posts on my field trip to DC, spring decor pictures, and a tutorial of sorts! Whew! Big plans! 

     Before I forget, Charlie says, "Hey!"

Love and hugs,
The Marm


  1. Aww so sweet
    Yummy cakes :)
    Happy birthday dear xxx

  2. Welcome to the club!!! The 40's are the new 20's ~ REALLY!! I love the owl cake and the song, too cute! The one thing around here I miss are GOOD flea markets and antique/junk shops. I have to drive clear across the state to find the good ones. Have a good week!

  3. I'm sorry I missed your birthday dear. It looks like you had a lovely day....well...two cakes....what could be better! Slurp!


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