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Monday, November 11, 2013

Primitives R Us

Oh, good grief.  Again with the prims!  Zzzzzzzz...

      My mom and I had a few days of Mother/Daughter fun shopping for prim treasures and bargains! My mom is so much fun.  I can easily say she is my best friend next to my husband.  We just laugh and laugh! God has blessed me with a real treasure!

     We stopped by The Blue Snickel.  I hadn't been there is a few years.  I pass it all the time going to and from school, but it isn't open when I go by.  We went to the Christmas Open House.  When I was last there, I was more country than prim.  So, while I liked some of her stuff, the prim things didn't hold my attention.  Now, however, all of that has changed.  I believe that someone may have slipped on the drool puddle I left on the floor there. Oops. Isn't my birdy cute? I have a mental shopping list for next time... This really is the only "true" prim shop in my area.  It beats out Cocalico Creek.

We stopped by Cocalico Creek.  I got this box.  I have tons of ideas for it.  What ideas do you have?  We can compare notes!


Not far from The Blue Snickle is an antique store in an old log cabin.  I spent $8 on these two items.  The strainer I might use for a make-do shoo-fly screen and put a candle in it.
This guy, well I have plans for him.  You will have to wait for Christmas for that one...

I got these on eBay for $5.  I like them for decoration, but I also plan to use them as an artifact in my history lessons.  They look old.  I guess that is a good price?

 Also eBay, both for around $10.  They are very roughly carved.  Love them!

Our local nursery, Black Creek Nursery, has a flea market once a year where they usually keep their perennials.  I got all of these things and more for about $30.  I didn't show all of it.  These are my favorites! Although, I forgot to put a picture of the butter mold I got for $5.  I will have to show you later.

 This I got at Goodwill for $3.  I am going to paint it black,  add a quart-round lip, and do some distressing to make a writing table.  It is the perfect size to hold my lap top.  I thought about drilling a shallow hole to put an ink bottle in.  What do you think? Any other ideas?

My parents gave me this spool of awesome thread.  It is a much deeper brown than my picture shows.  It is on a pink bobbin, though.  Any ideas as to how I can primify it?
 Have a blessed day, my friends!  Next time, I am posting some more FALL decor.  I love Thanksgiving!  I am not ready to put my tree up!  Whew!  Everyone needs to slow down! ;)



  1. Fun, fun treasures! I use my cake pan for an Advent wreath. With greenery and berries and candles, it works great! Hope you'll stop in and enter my 4-soap (Christmas) Giveaway on now through Thursday only.
    Have a wonderful day. Sounds like you and your mom laugh as much as my daughters and I do. :-)

  2. Oh you did really well finding some great goodies there......love that box, I can see a wee feather tree in it for the holidays.......How wonderful to shop with your Mom, perfect prim fun, Blessings Francine.

  3. Aww such sweet goodies..I love them all...
    Big hugs and blessings xxx

  4. Some great finds! I always loved the hand carved pieces. You are blessed to have such a wonderful mom. Warm Blessings! Amy

  5. Oh wow Heather what a fun post - I love Blue Snickle but have only been there twice...seems a just a tad too far up on Rt. 23 when we are doing our shopping but maybe next time we'll make a point to shop. It definitely is PRIM though!
    You really got some wonderful treasures.

  6. My oh my, girl!! You have such a good eye for a bargain!!! Truly lovely finds especially the desk.
    I really need to visit The Blue Snickel!! Gotta visit PA next year again!!
    God bless dear friend, and be assured I am thinking of you and your students!

  7. What wonderful treasures you found.
    You are blessed friend.
    Woolie Hugs


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