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Monday, July 29, 2013

Six Million Dollar Man Makeover Monday

     My husband loves that show.  I even got him the doll for his birthday one year (I don't think he would call it a doll).  You know, the one where you can look through his eye that works like tiny binoculars.  I wouldn't say it is my favorite show.  You all know my favorites! ;) But, I must say, when I fix things and create make-do's, it does make me hear that opening theme to that show. I can make it better than it was before.  Here are some Steve Austin make-do's that are simple fixes.

First, let's start with the Goodwill reveal.  I hadn't been there really much of the summer. But, what a score!

This little firkin really caught my eye.  It was only $3.  I loved the old needlework on the top.  It was definitely handmade.  I am not sure, but I think they reworked a plain firkin the make this little covered one.
There were some issues... The lid was a bit worse for wear and the wood on the firkin was REALLY scratched. The needlepoint was a bit dusty.  So, time for a little "Steve Austin Makeover"...
     So, how do you fix the scratches?  Well, I had some Antiquing Medium in Apple Butter Brown.  It is almost empty because I use it for everything.  I decided to rub it into all of the scratches.  It worked great! Yea!!!!  But, the wood lost some luster when it dried. Awwww.  So, then it was time for an appearance of my other best friend, Miss Modge Podge.  I coated the entire thing in the Matte Modge Podge (Which really still has a slight gloss to it).  That sealed the deal. I even used the MP to fix the lid.  The sides of the lid aren't perfect, but that's prim for you! Finally, I took one of those felt lint brushes (from my husband's sock drawer.  Shhh.  Don't tell him.  I put it back!) to the needlepoint.  I worked out some of the dust, and then I just used a damp cloth to finish the job.
Oh, isn't it so dear and sweet! Better than being in the musty basement of Goodwill!

The other was easy- add candles and hang!  I always wanted one of these. I think they are a prim necessity. $2!  And when I flipped it over, there was the original sticker from the store- $39! What a find!  Yippee!

Here are 2 last make-do ideas for you...

    First, a flag holder from an old floral frog. I have two different ones.  I love them, but I am not sure how to display them other than sitting on a shelf.  I have been seeing a lot of finials with flags poking out of them, and I love the look.  So, why couldn't this work with frogs?  This shaped frog works best because it has a center hole so that you have a more balanced effect with your flags.  My squarish one didn't work as well! I bought some $.50 flags and coffee stained them a bit.  And, well, there you go!  Easy!

      This next one requires a drill with a wide bit.  My husband did the drilling for me.  I had seen this make do idea somewhere- eBay, Pinterest, a magazine... Who knows?  You lose track when you do a lot of browsing.  SO ANYWAY, the idea is not an original one for me. I bought an old hammer from a flea market for $3.  Looks prim all by itself! I measured the diameter of one of my prim nubby candles so that Steve could select the right drill bit.

 So, there you have it!

     You know, we are a lot like Steve Austins.  Broken.  Not useable.  EXCEPT, by the grace of God, we are remade into something that GOD can use.  Only through HIS power, mercy, and grace.  Not on our own strength or by our own designs.  Steve Austin didn't remake himself.  Someone outside of himself had to do that. God's love and power is way beyond the technology used to fix that man. No matter how much we are broken- spiritually, emotionally, physically- we can be used by God.

Isaiah 64:8

"But now, O Lord, you are our Father;
    we are the clay, and you are our potter;
    we are all the work of your hand."

 Blessings and hugs, dear friends!  


  1. aww such a sweet post.
    everything is looking so lovely..
    sending you hugs and blessings x

  2. Great buys! I love the hammer with the candle in it, never would have thought of doing that!

  3. Wonderful post full of great new finds and the lovely words of our Lord!

  4. W-O-W you sure did score some finds. The firkin turned out great, it looks brand new. Very cool to read how you did everything.

  5. Great finds.

    Thank God that he can use even broken, frail humans. Reminds me of the song, Something beautiful, something good, all my confusion he understood. All I had to offer him was brokenness and strife but he made something beautiful of my life.

    Praise God!

    1. That is soooo beautiful, Theresa! I am glad that you shared those words. It is a relief to know that God works all things for His good!

      Love and hugs!

  6. Wooohoooo
    You have been busy.
    Awesome job and words.
    Giant bear hugs
    Granny T

  7. Oh MY!!! You have been a busy gal!!! So most wonderful finds! You get the picker of the week award! OLM

    1. Yea!!!!! Picker Award!!! I am so honored. Now, where did I put my speech?

      Love and hugs!


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