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Saturday, May 18, 2013

In the wee, small hours of the morning...

     Okay, so I started this post at 5:00 am. I was up most of the night coughing.  I just can't shake this last cold that I had, but I think most of the issue is allergies!
     Time to get the Keurig to wake up and do some work!  Did I ever tell you I had a lot of mugs?  Well.  There you have it.  Except the top left corner.  The 5 in the front.  THOSE are Steve's.

     It may have been early, but not too early for rebel rousing between pups. I am stitching and watching "Marple" and Persuasion (the one from 1995; the better version if you ask me!).  "Marple" is based on the Agatha Christie novels.  It is from 2006, I think.  I think they are well written and humorous.  A lot of familiar actors show up from the British period dramas and such that I watch.  I am watching the second season, but I will say, I think the first one was better.  I am watching the rest of Persuasion now as I am writing!  Well, it is on pause... :)
     Silly pups!  All is fair in love and war and all that stuff... After I took the picture of the pups snuggling, Bailey woke up suddenly and must have forgotten SHE snuggled up to Charlie.  She "yelled" at him for being too close.  He just went back to sleep!

     It is the 100th Anniversary of our fire station.  To celebrate, they had a parade through town of A LOT of fire engines and ambulances.  Now, we don't really have much of a Main Street, so the parade went through our development.  A normal small development with ginormous engines blaring their sirens.  All of the neighborhood dogs were celebrating too.  It was a bit of an eerie thing in that, sadly, it brought back memories of 9-11.  The evening was wonderful and made up for the scare.  Beautiful, huge fireworks were shot off HIGH into the air.  I only had to sit in front of my front window to watch. I don't know what it is about fireworks.  They are just mesmerizing!

     So, closing out the school year is a bit tiring.  Stress about getting things done.  The more you try to get done, the more the kids think they ARE done.  My class is going on our yearly 3-day retreat Wednesday through Friday. They are a long 3 days.  With my cold and allergies, I am kind of dreading it.  We are outside all of the time.  And we are constantly hiking.  I do love this field trip.  I am just emotionally and physically burnt out.  BUT, "My God will supply all of my needs..."  He is such a good and gracious God.  He has placed so many undeserved dew drops of mercy in my path these past few weeks (always, but especially noticed and appreciated these last two weeks). I feel His comfort, encouragement, love.  I know it is there always.  I guess I am just paying attention more.

     My dad wrote me a dear email to encourage me when I am stressed.  I keep it on my frig to remind me.  One thing he encouraged me to do was to do a non-work-related project. 
     Usually, my non-work-related project is sitting on the couch and falling asleep.  A dear friend gave me a copy of the magazine "Mercantile Gatherings". I have enjoyed pouring over it.  In the back, there are a couple crafts to do.  I loved the prim angel doll!  So I thought- project!  Now, have I told you my sewing machine isn't working?  Yeah.  So anyhoo, stitching by hand is actually pretty relaxing (especially in a comfy chair.  Drinking coffee.  Watching Jane Austen book movies).  I did a bit each night.  I so looked forward to coming home, being with my husband and dogs, lighting a country candle, and stitching.  Little by little, the pieces came together (with much advice from a friend!).

Gasp!  She is without apparel!
That's better.  Hmm.  Not prim enough (I know some of you are now yelling at the screen, "Leave her alone!  Put down the instant coffee!")...
You can't see it in this picture (because I didn't do it yet), but I took a little antiquing medium and modge podge and smudged up the eyes a bit.  So, if you say to yourself, "Self, those buttons look a bit grungy!"  Tell yourself that is why.
I just got this chair last weekend as a birthday present from my sister.  I think she looks cute in it.  Charlie thinks so too.  He thinks she'd look better yanked off the chair, on the floor, with her button eyes eaten off (insert scream).  That's his prim.  That's how he rolls...
So, I guess she will perch here for now.  Unless Charlie turns out to have Great Dane in him, and in that case, all bets are off (really, he doesn't.  It is just Bailey is so small.  Anything next to her looks like Godzilla. ). I think she is cute!  That is the pattern though.  You would not be impressed with my stitches, though.  But, that's the awesome thing about prim decorating.  Some people try to make something appear sloppy and poorly stitched for that prim look.  I didn't have to try (Seriously, don't look under the dress.  Or too closely at the seams...).

So, now this is where the story derails.  I took benadryl.  No.  I did not go on a shopping spree, thank you very much! (You can find THAT backstory HERE).  I did, however. fall asleep while eating my bagel.  And I mean while.  I had a piece in my mouth when I woke up.  So, that is why I am finishing my morning tale at night.  Just insert "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" for a while.

And, we're back!...
     So, I've been snooping at some places the past week.  There is a barn that has sales every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  She is always going to estates and places and getting good stuff.  Well, um, she is five minutes from my school. And, well, Friday was a nice day.  AND I NEEDED to get out.  I may or may not have stopped by there on my lunch break.  Best lunch break EVER!

So here is what I got with the $10 in my pocket...
Basket.  I may put this on my dining room table.  It is over a foot wide and about 5 inches deep.  Any ideas?

An ink blotter.  There is a knob that unscrews.  I put a strip of ornasburg fabric to simulate, well the blotting stuff.  I put it on my shelf with old books.  I will show you how I redid that shelf later.

I don't know who Ida Riggs is.  I hope she is not a real person and does not see this blog.  I bought this sampler at the barn.  It was in a green frame; the kind that you would put a prom picture in or something.  And, it was perfectly cream colored.  Now it is in a black frame and all stained.  How'd THAT happen?  Whoops...

Total purchase here? $3.  $.75 for the basket, $.25 for the treen cup, and $2 for the jar.  I am trying to think of something to fill it with.  Clothespins... Already did that with another jar... Ideas?

Paisleys and pinks and tans and blues... Just lovely!  Waiting for a project!  A spring dress for a doll?  A runner?  A pillow?  A pillow with felt hydrangeas? Hmmmmmmm...

Basket holding cloth- $2. Antique chair? $40.  It is reddish with scratches and nicks in the seat.  One can only imagine what that child was doing with his eating utensils.  I call this my "Mark Harmon" chair.  Weird, I know. T

  I am a big fan of NCIS.  Love it.  Love Mark Harmon.  I was shopping at an antique flea market for said chair last Sunday. I had been eying it for a month, and I finally had some birthday money to purchase it. The man, from whom I buy from frequently, says to me, "You know who that is over there? In the leather jacket?" I turn around to look at a tall man with silver grey hair, ball cap, and leather jacket.  He is about 8 feet away, but his back is turned (you know where this is going don't you...). 

     "No, I don't."
      "That's my cousin, Frank."  
     "Oh." was my disappointed reply.  

     No, I am just teasing.  His REAL answer was, "That's Mark Harmon, you know, the actor." 
     "Oh, the actor." Good grief, man!  We are talking Leroy Jethro Gibbs! Well, first I thought, he was joking me.  This is Pennsylvania.  East Coast.  Los Angeles, Hollywood, Harmon?  West Coast. Seriously.  

     But then he turned.  I about ducked under a table.  It WAS Mark Harmon. I don't know why the impulse was to hide. Oh. My.  Now, I am not a crazed fan (Please. I hear some of you snickering, "Sure..."  Stop that!).  I really do enjoy the show, and I think he is a fine actor and a handsome man. No way did I expect to be shopping and see Mark Harmon.  

     I thought to myself, 'Boy, am I ever glad I decided to shower and not do the jeans and ball cap thing.'  My plan was that I was just coming, getting the chair, and leaving to go back home and lie down.  Um, so, okay, so I may have shopped a wee bit more (The man with the chair kept saying, "Don't spook him!"). I was not intending to talk to him or bother him at all.  I respect his privacy and a desire to peacefully look at antiques with his wife.  I like the peace and quiet too.  But I had to get another look at him. Kind of proof that I really did see what I saw.  I was by myself, with no one to say, "Do you see who that is?" So, I walked around. 

     Well, then I really did get distracted and caught up in looking at things (I know!  Crazy, huh?)  I got a folk art painted box for $1.  Then, I found a teacher's planbook from over 100 years ago for $.50.  Then, I turned a corner and walked right in front of him.  I think I curtsied when I said excuse me and passed by him. I do weird things when I am nervous.  I gotta million of stories just like that one (no Mark Harmon, though!). 

     So, well, as fun as it was seeing a favorite actor, I was sick.  I went home with my chair.  And made a million phone calls on the way home.  I got to retell the story quite a bit at school, since a lot of my coworkers watch NCIS as well. It was also weird seeing him in the NCIS season finale. People scolded me about not taking his picture.  I just didn't feel it was right.  I hope he had a lovely time there!  I sure did!

     Thank you all for being lovely friends and listening to my babble!  It has been a while!  Oh, I had so much to tell you!  It reminds me of the scene from Anne of Avonlea, when Anne comes home from working at the ladies college.  Mrs. Lynde comes rushing out the door and yells out to Anne, "Oh, Anne! I am so happy to see you! I have so much to tell you!  So much has happened here in Avonlea (or something like that)!"  What I remember fondly is how the whole thing comes out in one breath.  Well, I am stopping to breathe now!  Blessings, dear friends!  I will be back to visit, write, and responding more faithfully soon! 3 more weeks to go!

Love and hugs!


  1. Just getting back in to the bloggy world after being away for too long. I always enjoy your posts. Sorry you aren't feeling well. I can't believe I am going to admit this but I too have fallen asleep while eating..BUT..not because I took Benadryl. *shame*

    Love your finds and congratulations on practicing restraint in the presence of Mr. Harmon. I'm sure he enjoys being a "regular" person without someone snapping his picture all the time!


  2. Really? Really? Really?!!!!! I would have been taking pictures! I secretly have a crush on Mark Harmon. (it's not a secret anymore)He has aged all too well. :)
    Yes, my husband knows how I feel. He feeds my Mark Harmon obsession by telling me when NCIS or one of his movies are on.


  3. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Have a great summer break!


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